Waters’ Edge Always Good Breeding Grounds For Mosquitoes

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Even if your residential or business property is located just a few miles away from a waterfront, your premises will be open to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have wings and they will fly a few miles out from their breeding grounds if needs be. The usual purpose is to locate new food sources when all that is near the waterfront is insufficient to meet the needs of a colony of mosquitoes. The location status of all mosquitoes staten island bound could very well be out of your hands for now.

An unfortunate attraction for dangerous mosquitoes remains that of polluted water mains. Mosquitoes thrive on bacterial elements for their source of nutrition during their breeding cycles. And once sufficiently fortified, they will be moving inland for an attack on better food sources. The most vulnerable are placed at risk. Humans are able to counter the threats posed by mosquitoes pecking at their warm arms.

mosquitoes staten island

But small animals like dogs and cats are not able to. Their own scratching does more harm than good. And no amount of scratching the itchy surface helps the human victim either. Pharmacists are able to recommend good buffers against infections caused by the mosquito bite. But the need to take tablets and smear lotions could be avoided altogether if an effective pest control program is installed in and around the water source. This is not within the ambit of the home or business.

But both home and business can be free of pests, never mind just mosquitoes, when property and business owners sign up for a property maintenance program that will include regular inspections of the property and then extermination programs to ensure that the property is clean and free of mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches and the like.